The First Wool Diaper Cover

I recently finished the wool diaper cover I was making, and it was a success.  My plan was to make a size small and felt it down to newborn size.  (Felting helps covers hold in more moisture.)  After I finished the knitting and weaving-in ends, I felted it.  I had never felted before, so I wasn't sure how I would do, especially since I have a front-loading wash machine.
 I ran it through two hot wash cycles, ending it before the spin cycle started, and then I put it in the dryer for an hour and a half and air-dried it the rest of the way.
I showed it to some friends who use cloth diapers, and they said it is the perfect size for a newborn.  I was pretty excited.  They recommended I make the next ones in the next size up, since newborn size does not fit for very long.  Now I just need my baby girl so I can try it on her.

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