Recent Projects

Life has been busy lately.  We are expecting our first baby in April, so I have been preoccupied with organizing the apartment.  This will be a review of everything I have been working on the last few months.

I finished two pairs of socks and made some mittens.

I made a pair of baby booties to sell with the berries blanket.
I designed a sweater for my cell phone (in case I drop it on the floor).
I finished and blocked my Estonian Summer Shawl.  (I love blocking wires.)

A year after finishing my Slanting Gretel Tee, I was still not satisfied.  I unraveled the top of it to make some changes.  I wanted it to be an inch shorter because it would bunch up when I sat down.  I also made the sleeves longer and rounded the neckline in front so it will no longer ride up over my collar bone.  I feel much more comfortable in it now.

Of course, my current knitting projects are for our baby girl.  I am working on wool diaper covers because we are planning to use cloth diapers, and I am making a baby blanket, which is my first entrelac project.

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