My Tech Editing Services

As a knitwear designer, your mind is full of creative ideas that you want to share with knitters.  You are conscious of your brand image and want to build a solid reputation.  Having your patterns edited is a significant part of that.  You don't want your testers and customers to be frustrated by mistakes or unclear instructions.  I know from experience what a hassle it is to test-knit a pattern with errors, and I know how great it is to work from a pattern that is clear and instructive.  I want knitters to love working from your patterns, too!

As a tech editor, my role is to check your pattern for spelling and punctuation errors, style consistency, correct numbers, and instructions that are easy to understand.  Are there charts in your pattern?  I really enjoy checking those.  Do you have a few paragraphs of writing at the beginning of your pattern (also known as "romance")?  I can proofread  your writing.  Are you still trying to figure out how to write a pattern?  I can guide you through that learning process.

"I am thoroughly enjoying working with you; your input is invaluable! You are the best investment I have made for my business thus far."
--Liz Thomas of Sisters of the Traveling Yarn

"As a new designer, with little experience, I found Ashley’s services immensely helpful. Throughout the tech editing process, she was quick to respond with updates, and her notes were very clear.  She’s very detail-oriented, and can create charts, which are very helpful for noticing mistakes.  Her help was invaluable, and I owe much of my success with this first pattern to her.  I’m so very excited to be able to share this beauty with the world.  Ashley, thank you for all your assistance and guidance."
--Courteney Liddle of Liddle Designs

"Ashley did a really speedy edit of my mitt pattern, picking up the little errors that are difficult to spot in your own work. Having a second set of eyes on the pattern was also invaluable for finding some phrasing that needed improving to make the pattern clearer."
--Fiona of A Little Bit Sheepish

"Ashley was quick and helpful editing my hat pattern in multiple sizes.  It's always so great to have someone knowledgeable look over a pattern to see how it is understood and to help clarify the language so that knitters will be able to achieve the results the pattern intends.  Ashley was great at this and had clear communication techniques for suggestions, corrections, and helpful feedback.  Thanks, Ashley!"
--Teddi Taylor of Craft Evangelist

Attachments a

Checking charts against written instructions
Creating charts and schematics

It is best to get your pattern tech edited before you send it to test knitters.  Your test knitters will have a more positive experience that way.  If you haven't done your photo shoot yet, don't worry about it.  I don't need the beautifully posed photo that you will use to sell your pattern.  A boring, close-up photo is even more helpful to a tech editor because it will allow me to compare the finished object to the technical directions and make sure everything matches up.  If your design includes cables, lace, or some other kind of charted section, it will also help me to see a close-up photo of that section so I can check the chart for accuracy.  I can work with either PDF or Microsoft Word.

I am currently charging $25/hour for all my services.  I am a homeschooling mom, so my working hours are mid-afternoon through evening on weekdays (central standard time).

When I first see your pattern, I will give you an estimate on how much time it will take me to edit.  If I later realize that it will take me significantly longer than estimated, I will let you know before I proceed.  I don't want the invoice amount to surprise you.  After I finish the first edit, I will return it to you for correcting.  If you want to make sure you covered everything, I am happy to do a second check.  The first 15 minutes of my second check are always free of charge.  After we are finished, I will send you an invoice through PayPal.

Please contact me to discuss your specific project.  I look forward to working with you!