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I recently finished the entrelac baby blanket.  It was my first time doing entrelac, and I really enjoyed it.  Before I started reading the pattern I watched a video series on YouTube on entrelac, and I found that really helpful.  It's very interesting structurally, and once you get the hang of it, it becomes second-nature.

It was a good project to work on while hanging out with friends because it didn't require a lot of concentration.  My non-knitting friends were amazed at how it looks like the strips are woven through each other, when it's really all one piece.  Since it is knitting one rectangle at a time, it feels really fast.  Once the knitting was finished, I did a simple crocheted border and then blocked it.

 My blocking wires and blocking board were a big help on this project.
I also knitted a lacy dress.  The pattern I chose was the Lacy Scallops Christening Gown.  My mistake was not doing a gauge swatch.  I was assuming my yarn was the same weight as the one in the pattern, and apparently it wasn't.  The dress is supposed to be newborn size, but I'm guessing our baby girl will be two before she can wear it.  Oh, well.  I will just have to knit her other things in the meantime.
 From previous experience, I had thought that acrylic yarn doesn't block very well.  However, while it may not be as stretchy as wool, it is still moldable.  I discovered that I just wasn't getting it wet enough, and that was the reason I previously hadn't seen much success with blocking.  Blocking definitely made a difference on the skirt of this dress.  It was much more scrunched-up before.

I'm working on a second wool diaper cover, and I'm planning to start a sundress.  Our baby girl's due date is only two weeks away!

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