Knit Stars

My knitting world was turned upside down this past fall when I attended Knit Stars 2: Needles Flying.  Last year I heard about Knit Stars 1, and this year I decided I had to participate.  Knit Stars is basically an online knitting conference, where you get to learn from knitting instructors from your living room. 
I signed up during an early bird discount in August 2017.  When Knit Stars 2 started in the middle of October, one class was made available in the online portal each day for two weeks (ten instructors total).  The classes are filmed in the instructors' home studios, and they're very high-quality videos.  Purchase of the Knit Stars summit includes lifetime access to the portal, so you can watch the videos over and over again whenever you want.  At the end of the two weeks, there were two live Q&A sessions with the instructors.  There is also a private Facebook group where everyone talks about what they're learning, shares pictures of knitting projects, and asks questions.

I had so much fun, and as I said, it turned my world upside down.  It changed the way I looked at my yarn stash, as my mind was opened to way more possibilities.  It also freed me to have as many WIPs (work-in-progress) as I want without guilt.  I don't have to have a good logical reason to make something anymore.  I can knit something just because I think it sounds fun.

At the end of Knit Stars 2, there was a contest.  Anyone who submitted a video explaining what they loved about Knit Stars was entered to win free access to Knit Stars 3 next year.  I was stunned when I won!  I am really excited to attend Knit Stars 3.  I can't wait until they announce who the instructors will be.

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