New Pattern

I finally published my first official pattern!  It is available on Ravelry: Little Mittens.

I designed these mittens because I needed some for my little girls. I couldn’t find a child-sized pattern that included the design elements I like in adult mittens, so I developed my own pattern that combines those design elements with children’s sizing. This is a revised, expanded version of my previous pattern, “Toddler Mittens.”

Review- ChaioGoo Spin Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Set

As a brand-new knitter, I saw the Boye interchangeable needle set at Walmart.  I had never heard of needle sets before, and I thought it was a genius idea.  I received it for Christmas, and in the ten years since then I have gotten tons of use out of it.  Over time, I started hearing about other brands, and I realized that Boye is not the best when it comes to quality.  This past fall I decided it would be good to get a set of wood needles, too, because wood needles are good to use with slippery yarn.

Free Your Fade

When I attended Knit Stars 2 this past fall, one of the instructors was Andrea Mowry, and she included a free copy of her "Free Your Fade" pattern.  A lot of the other knitters were working on their shawls right away and posting pictures to the Facebook group, but I didn't have suitable yarn for it yet.

For Christmas I received a gift certificate to a local yarn shop, and I set out to find the perfect yarn.  This pattern is typically knitted with speckled yarns because those create a really smooth transition between colors, but there weren't any good speckled options at my local yarn shop.  I spent almost two hours there laying yarn out on a table and putting different combinations together.  I finally decided to get Mirasol Khusku, a fingering-weight yarn, in three colorways: "Rio Amazonas" (blue), "Camino Inca" (pink), and "Lineas de Nazca" (orange).

On My Needles

My experience with Knit Stars 2 pushed me into a flurry of casting on.  First I finally started the Estonian scarf I have been thinking about for a few years, a skinnier version of Nancy Bush's Madlis Shawl.  Nupps have a special place in my heart.  Estonian lace is slow but beautiful.

Knit Stars

My knitting world was turned upside down this past fall when I attended Knit Stars 2: Needles Flying.  Last year I heard about Knit Stars 1, and this year I decided I had to participate.  Knit Stars is basically an online knitting conference, where you get to learn from knitting instructors from your living room.