Selling a Baby Blanket

I had an interesting knitting experience today.  A co-worker had asked me if I would knit a baby blanket for her grandson.  I was excited, because I saw it as an opportunity to get started selling my knitting.  I came up with several design ideas and knit small samples for her to choose from.  (I was thrilled when she picked the one that was also my favorite.)  After she picked out the yarn, I started knitting.

My Adventures with Double-Pointed Needles

Ever since I learned how to knit with double-pointed needles, I have thought they are awesome.  I like watching people’s expressions when I pull out a dpn project.  Half-finished gloves and socks look pretty funny with needles sticking out all over.  My adventure with dpns began in August of 2007.  I had been knitting for five months, and I loved learning new skills.  I had discovered that the yarn aisles at craft stores sometimes have free patterns.  One of the free patterns I had was for making baby hats, and my cousin was having a baby soon.  My only obstacle was to learn how to use dpns.