Lace Knitting

One of the Christmas gifts I got from my husband was a knitting book I really wanted: Knitted Lace of Estonia, by Nancy Bush.  It talks about the history of lace knitting in Estonia and gives several beautiful patterns for lace shawls.

Slippers for My Husband's Cold Feet

For a while I had been thinking about either getting Brad some slippers for his birthday or knitting some.  After Christmas I had some time to take on new projects, so I found a few patterns and had him pick his favorite one.  The pattern he chose has pompoms, but I didn't do that.  (It would not have been very manly.)  I also made his slippers longer than in the pattern.  They are very warm, and he likes them a lot.

Christmas Knitting Projects

After I finished my fall garland I devoted my energy to my Slanting Gretel Tee and blocked it the day before Thanksgiving.  I ended up making one more alteration before I finished.  I bound off on the neckline sooner than in the pattern because I don't like my necklines to come up over my collarbone.